Rumours about change in Punjab


CHAIRMAN Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan, who is known for making dramatic announcements and remarks on almost daily basis apparently to keep his workers and supporters charged and put pressure on the Government, claimed on Wednesday that conspiracies to overthrow the Punjab Government were underway while Mr. X and Y were also threatening his party.

He alleged that crores are being offered to members of his party for a political change in the province but vowed to foil the conspiracy.

The claim comes in the backdrop of media reports that PML(N) and PPP were weighing options to dislodge Chaudhry Parvez Elahi-led provincial government, which have apparently unnerved the PTI leadership.

The success of such plans is doubtful given the existing numbers game in the provincial assembly, which favours the PTI.

Such a move can succeed only if some members belonging to PTI or PML(Q) venture to go against their parties risking even their seats .

Irrespective of the outcome of such attempts, the fact remains the people of the province are suffering badly due to political wrangling by major parties.

The Government is run by the bureaucracy but the uncertain situation has shaken the confidence of the government servants, who think many times before implementing orders and policies.

The bad governance is at its peak in the province as is evident from heaps of garbage one can see in cities and towns and lack of interest by the governmental machinery in dealing with the situation arising out of floods.

There is virtually no effective system to check prices, corruption and rising crime rate.

The governance is suffering due to the game of thrones and it is time political parties should give up self-centered approach and allow the system to work for the betterment of the people.

It is also a fact that the incumbent Chief Minister and PTI leadership have to blame themselves for rumours of change in the province as they are focusing more on political victimization than chalking out and implementing policies to provide relief to the people.


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