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Clarion call for saving Radio Pakistan

This is to fully endorse the clarion call given by one Mr M Z Rifat from Lahore for saving the great national institution of Radio Pakistan which is decaying fast due to prolonged financial crisis and lack of interest on the part of the succeeding civil and military governments of the country over the years.

I also avail the opportunity to strongly support the proposal of adding Rs 15 with PTV Licence Fee of Rs 35 making it Rs 50 per month which the domestic electricity consumers will be required to pay every month once the good, productive proposal is accepted by the federal government as early as possible.

No domestic electricity consumer will hopefully be reluctant to pay the little amount of Rs 15 more with their already heavily taxed electricity bills every month. It is regretfully pointed out that the electricity consumers are paying every month more taxes, duties and surcharges in their electricity bills than their consumption of power..

It is more imperative to save a national institution from decaying due to prolonged financial crisis by paying extra small amount of Rs 15 per month as a national obligation please.



Forsaken Sindh and beyond

Pakistan is going through the worst ever floods, due to monsoon rains, with 70% of the country inundated, over 1000 killed. In this perspective, Pakistan’s southern province, Sindh, however, is bracing itself for worse to come as the country deals with catastrophic floods. Deluges from swollen rivers are heading for low-lying areas, threatening more misery for millions. In Sindh, the message of villagers is “SEND HELP”.

Unprecedented flash floods caused by historic monsoon rains have washed away roads, crops, infrastructure and bridges. Flooded-lower Sindh reels in pain and destruction with flood victims are striving to get away with lethal floods and living at roads.

In recent years, the Sindh province has faced a variety of challenges including low literacy, coronavirus toll, high infant mortality as well as natural calamity. Sindh, despite being the second largest province, lags far behind others. The Province is faced by a plethora of chronic problems. Extreme poverty and poor governance have abolished the peaceful society.

Considering the recent statement of Sindh Assembly’s Speaker and Acting Governor, Siraj Durani, who last week blamed the floods on ‘sin’. His seriousness on this grave issue can be gauged from his absurd statement. Maniacs link own debacle to sin.

The Kashmore district is located at tri-junction, connecting three provinces, and is a gateway to Punjab and Balochistan, is also suffering from mayhem and this city should be construed as under-marginalized. Hapless people are being left in the lurch. However, social activists of Kashmore accuse the authorities and DC of funds embezzlement and for abetting nepotism. Other districts of Sindh are also no. Social activists are working hand in glove with other organizations to make ends meet of Kashmoris.



Drastic times call for drastic measures

This year, the monsoon rain hit the whole of Pakistan fiercely and created the most fragile conditions. One-third of the whole population of Pakistan became under the wrath of the deadly flood. Myriad people became homeless and their all livelihoods were washed away. As per the National Disaster Management Authority( NDMA) figure, 1338 people have lost their lives. In addition to this, the United Nations Children Emergency Fund report figures out that more than 1,200 people, including around 400 children, have lost their lives. Hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed, while many public health facilities, water systems, and schools have been destroyed or damaged.

Apart from this, some other figures also show that 18,590 schools have been damaged or destroyed in floods sweeping across Pakistan and 670,000 children have been affected and their educational journey affected badly. The most affected areas are Sindh and Balochistan. There are already underprivileged people but this horrific disaster added insult to their injuries. Eventually, the rehabilitation process needed fast. Both the federal and provincial governments must be with them at the time of difficulties. And help them out from this distress.



Crossed the red line

Over the past few months, the PTI chief’s line of politics has been increasingly dangerous, targeting political rivals, maligning constitutional institutions. Imran has now crossed the red line when he said that the PDM government wanted to bring in a new army chief who will be their ‘favourite’.

Imran seems to wish to make everything and everyone controversial if things don’t go in his favour. He also tried to create differentiation in the top most leadership of Pak Army. If a judgment is in PTI’s favour, it is good, if not, then the judiciary is compromised. The Election Commission was fine in 2018 when every other party cried foul but it became bad after the Daska elections and due to the foreign funding case. If Nawaz was disqualified for life on a technicality, it was something to celebrate but if a technical knockout is used for Khan, the judges will have to face dire consequences.

Such is the messaging by the PTI leadership. Imran Khan think that he is above all legal/ political obligations and everything should be done according to his wish and will. He thinks himself above law of the land. Pakistan will take years to recover from disastrous flood but the discourse unleashed by IK and his party men may take decades to deconstruct.




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