RPO directs DPOs to tight nose against culprits

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

The newly posted Regional Police Officer (RPO) Hazara Mir Vais Niaz has said that his top priorities would be to take legal action against drug dealers, land mafia, and make all out efforts to save children from harassment and accelerate to improve awareness and prevention efforts against this crime in the society with the help of media, scholars and civil society beside improvement in traffic system.

He was briefing the journalists at his office here on Tuesday. Vais Niaz told that he has directed District Police Officers in entire Hazara Division to launch crackdown on drug paddlers including ice (methamphetamine) dealers, usurers and extortionists adding that better strategies should be adopted to protect youth from drugs as well as to rid the society of this poison and to take legal action against drug paddlers and smugglers without any discrimination.

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