Punjab releases Rs. 16.8 m for LGH deceased employees

Staff Reporter

Punjab Government has released Rs. 16.8 million for the heirs of 9 employees of Lahore General Hospital/PGMI who died during their service.

After sanction of this grant, such financial assistance has also been released and distributed among concerned families in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.

Speaking on the occasion of distributing relief checks among the families of the deceased employees, Principal Ameer Uddin Medical College Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar has said that the Government takes special care of the Government servants and their families during and especially after the deaths of working employees.

He added that reasonable financial assistance is provided to the families of the deceased ones so that they can live a dignified life while the bereaved families of the deceased Government employees are also given other benefits as per the law.

He said that the administration of PGMI/LGH has taken minimum time in preparing the documents of these 9 employees and has tried to provide their rights to their families as soon as possible. Prof. Al-freed said that it is the moral and legal responsibility of all Govt.

employees also perform their duties with integrity and conscientiousness, especially in the medical sector and they should take care of the requirements of this sacred profession while fulfilling their responsibilities for better treatment and protection of patients.

Principal PGMI expressed satisfaction that the doctors, nurses and paramedics of the LGH fully take care of the essence of their sacred medical profession, as evidence by one of the old helpless female patients who has been living in the bone ward for many months.

Prof. Al-freed said that despite the efforts we could not contact her family so far and she is being treated by taking care of continuously in LGH.

He stressed that it is our moral and constitutional duty to help every patient and leave nobody unattended at any cost

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