IG Punjab for action against drug addicts in Police



Staff Reporter

Inspector General of Police Punjab Inam Ghani has said that according to the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, tests are being conducted in all the districts to keep the police force free from drug addicts and drug tests of senior and junior ranks instead of constables or head constables are underway while strict departmental and legal action against drug addicted officers and personnel will not be delayed at all.

He further said that there is no place for officers and personnel using drugs of any kind in the police department and the officers and personnel involved in this heinous act will not be allowed to remain part of the police force under any circumstances.

He further said that the officers and personnel who tested positive for drugs from the authorized laboratories would not be re-tested while health profiling is a continuous process which would be continued at all levels in future also.

All the figures and data regarding Drug use in the police force are contradictory because we did not ask for data from field formations or regional and district police,” he added.

He expressed these views while instructing the officers during a meeting at the Central Police Office.

Instructing the officers, the IG Punjab further said that a transparent and impartial process of self-accountability under police reforms is one of the priorities of Punjab Police and steps will be taken in this regard at all levels.

He added that those who use drugs as a fashion or habitual will not be allowed to be part of the force under any circumstances as these incompetent officers and personnel are not able to perform their departmental responsibilities properly nor provision of public service delivery.

Resultantly, they don’t cause convenience for the citizens and become a symbol of disgrace to the police force and the department due to their irresponsible behavior.

He further said that keeping the police force free from drug addicts is a continuous process for which actions will continue in the future.

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