PTI Govt reduced Corona testing ‘on purpose’: Bilawal


Staff Reporter


PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Monday accused the PTI government of putting the lives of people in danger by lowering Covid-19 testing capacity “on purpose” while refuting the claim that coronavirus cases in the country were going down.
Addressing a press conference in Karachi, the PPP chairman said Prime Minister Imran Khan and his ministers were “making a mockery” of themselves when they claimed that the graph of coronavirus cases was going down.
“If you stop testing, then the graph will [obviously] go down. But the same number of people will fall ill and die,” Bilawal said.
“They are putting the lives and the health of the people in danger. They are lowering testing capacity […] this is a conspiracy against the people, they’re not fooling anyone.”
On the other hand, Bilawal claimed that Sindh was conducting the highest tests per capita and had the most intensive care unit and high dependency unit beds per capita.
“When the Centre was celebrating 100 days of battling the pandemic at the National Command and Control Centre, the Sindh health minister was inaugurating a 50-bed infectious diseases hospital in Karachi.”
During his presser, Bilawal also claimed that despite being given limited funds by the Centre, his party’s government in Sindh had managed to provide relief to the people, frontline health workers and poor farmers affected by locusts by not allocating funds for new development schemes in the budget for the new fiscal year.
Bilawal Bhutto said Prime Minister Imran Khan was a “danger” to democracy, economy, and the nation as he slammed the PTI’s foreign policy on Kashmir.