PSP efforts for peace, tranquility being sabotaged: Kamal


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Tuesday said that PSP’s untiring four-year struggle for the restoration of brotherhood, peace and tranquility in Karachi by destroying the investment of RAW was to ensure rule of law with empowering people through their genuine and sincere leadership and was not for handing over the control of Pakistan’s economic jugular from Altaf Hussain to Asif Ali Zardari.

Those in the PTI who are bragging about their mandate today could not even cross the Clifton Bridge due to the fear of Altaf Hussain. Their so-called mandate is due to our sacrifices.

Imran Khan has given free hand to PPP for prolonging his government in federation, and Nawaz Sharif being the main target.

When we didn’t get afraid from RAW, we will not remain silent on the atrocities of the PPP. PPP has taken Sindh hostage.

Human rights across Sindh are being violated by PPP. The atrocities on which the infidels feel pity but the claimants of the state of Madinah are unmoved.He expressed these views while talking to the media outside the accountability court.

He said that a lava was brewing in Karachi and there was frustration especially in urban areas of Sindh.


Pakistan People’s Party has been ruling for 13 years but it seems that Sindh is their private fiefdom.

Pakistan’s largest city is not being given drinking water, Industries are shutting down due to lack of water supply in the industrial zone.

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