President Putin calls Prime Minister Khan to discuss situation in Afghanistan

President Putin calls Prime Minister Khan to discuss situation in Afghanistan

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Russian President Vladimir Putin talked with Prime Minister Imran Khan on the phone on Wednesday about the evolving situation in Afghanistan and bilateral ties.

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, told Putin that a peaceful, safe, and stable Afghanistan was critical for Pakistan and the region. He said that the best path ahead was for an inclusive political solution to be reached while ensuring Afghans’ safety and security.

The prime minister emphasized that the international community must remain involved in Afghanistan to assist the country’s people, as well as solve the country’s humanitarian situation and guarantee its economic viability.

Pakistan, according to Prime Minister Khan, places a great value on the Troika Plus format’s function. He expressed pleasure with Pakistan-Russian ties’ upward trajectory, citing more high-level interactions and expanding collaboration in a variety of areas.

The prime minister reaffirmed the government’s commitment to improving economic ties and bilateral cooperation in the energy sector, particularly completing the Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline Project as soon as possible. To enhance regional peace and security, the two presidents committed to working closely together inside the SCO.

PM Khan asked Putin to visit Pakistan during the telephone discussion between the two leaders.

Putin speaks with Xi Jinping over the phone about avoiding the “spread of instability to adjacent regions.”

According to a Kremlin statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the need to prevent unrest from spreading to other areas of the region with his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping.

In a phone call, the two leaders “expressed their readiness to step up efforts to combat threats of terrorism and drug trafficking coming from the territory of Afghanistan,” the Kremlin said.

Putin and Xi “agreed to intensify bilateral contacts” and “make the most of the potential” of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which will meet in Tajikistan next month for a summit, according to foreign media sources.

Several ex-Soviet countries in Central Asia share a border with Afghanistan and China, where Moscow maintains military facilities. While Moscow has expressed guarded optimism about Kabul’s new government, Putin has warned of Afghan terrorists seeking asylum in neighboring countries.

The two leaders also discussed the coronavirus situation, with Jinping stating that China is willing to work with Russia to deepen cooperation on vaccine development and production, as well as ensure the safety and stability of the global vaccine supply chain, in order to protect the lives and health of the two peoples and contribute to the creation of a global community of common health.

“Only the wearer knows whether the shoes fit or not,” Xi stressed, saying that it is the people of the two countries who have the most say about which system works in their own country. “As comprehensive strategic partners of coordination for a new era, China and Russia should deepen cooperation against interference and firmly hold their respective national future in their own hands,” Xi said.

He said that China fully supports Russia’s efforts to pursue a development path that is suitable for its national circumstances, as well as Russia’s efforts to protect its national sovereignty and security.

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