Taliban regard Pakistan as second home: Zabiullah Mujahid

Taliban regard Pakistan as second home: Zabiullah Mujahid

Zabiullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Taliban, said on Wednesday that the group, which now rules Afghanistan, regards Pakistan as a second home and would not tolerate any action on Afghan territory that is detrimental to Pakistan’s interests.

He talked on topics such as the establishment of a government in Kabul, concerns about women’s rights, and how the Taliban would manage the war-torn country’s economic crises when US and IMF tranches dried up in an interview after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

“It has been almost 12 days since the Islamic Emirate entered Kabul. We have seized control of all areas, restoring peace and normalcy,” Zabihullah Mujahid said.

Addressing concerns about women’s rights, he said the Taliban would provide women all the rights based on Islam. “We are trying to create an environment conducive to women’s education, work, and employment.”

To a question about the US and IMF sanctions, the Taliban spokesman said: “We have not yet announced a government. It will be clear only after the government is formulated how the country’s economic system works”

He said that the new administration will restore the banking and tax collection systems, improve the country’s economy via agriculture and commerce, and attempt to release any frozen or confiscated deposits and assets.

“We want a government in Afghanistan that is strong and based on Islam and which all Afghans are part of. We are working on it and wait until we succeed in forming a strong and stable government,” he explained.

Regarding relations with other countries, especially India, Zabihullah Mujahid said,
“Our desire is that India devises its policy as per the interests of Afghan people,” he added.

The Taliban will not allow Afghan land to be used against any other country, he said emphatically. He believes that since Pakistan and India are neighbors, their interests are intertwined, they should sit down together to settle any remaining problems.

Zabihullah stated New Delhi has to adopt a constructive approach toward the disputed region of India’s Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

He said, “We have said it before that we won’t allow our soil to be used against any other country. Our policy is clear in this regard. The Daesh (ISIS) has no presence in Afghanistan.”

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