PR CEO strongly rejects story published in local English paper


Pakistan Railways Chief Executive Officer Salman Sadiq Sheikh on Wednesday strongly rejected and condemned wrong reporting about the new Chinese coaches by an English newspaper.

According to a statement issued here, the CEO said that it was quite incorrect that the recently imported Chinese passenger coaches were not fit for operation in line with the Pakistan Railways system. He said that the approval of the coaches was given after successfully completion of trial.

He said that due to entirety non-professional reporting about a quite technical subject by the paper created anxiety among the passengers and railway lovers, adding, such reporting was nothing more than a negative propaganda about the Pakistan Railways.

Sheikh Salman Sadiq said that the coaches were quite acquainted with the PR system as a complete detailed inspection of the coaches was made before their trial. He said that manufacturing of the coaches were made by the globally recognized company after transparent competitive bidding. He informed that the warranty of the coaches was 2 years and these would be operated under the Chinese experts for initial 6 months. These new coaches had been manufactured under the international railroad standards and safety standards, the PR CEO said.

He said that the condition of transfer of technology was part of the agreement with the manufacturing company so why the PR staff and officers had visited China for training.

After completion of training, the PR was now able to manufacture such coaches in the country, he added.