PPP is not answerable to anyone but the people of Pakistan: Sherry

Staff Reporter

PPP Parliamentary Leader in the Senate, Senator Sherry Rehman on Wednesday said, “Pakistan Peoples’ Party is not answerable to anyone but the people of Pakistan, nor does PDM have a constitution through which they can issue show cause notices to any party. We are only answerable to our party and workers”.

“It is up to our CEC to decide how we will take it forward. We prefer to have a dialogue in an amicable environment where everyone is treated equally.

Democracy could not thrive in an environment where people are being dictated on what to do.

Leader of the opposition was decided on the basis of PPP’s majority of 21 seats in the senate and no one can deny this,” she added.

Talking to journalists, she said, “Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is one of the founders of PDM and we all want to remove the Selected Sarkar.

They are responsible for destroying our state institutions. Unemployment is rising and our economy is on the ventilator.

Since our goal is mutual, it does not make sense to criticize each other and get distracted. The option to have a dialogue should always be available in a democracy”.

“We have always been ready for the long march and were expecting to discuss the nuts and bolts of the March because we take it very seriously.

But instead we were asked to suddenly resign from assemblies where we have been elected to protect the legislation that guarantees the rights of vulnerable people, provinces and the strength of the federation.