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BACKING out of its tour of Pakistan by New Zealand minutes before the first match was scheduled to start at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium outraged and disappointed the entire Pakistani nation.

Kiwi Cricket Board cited security alert a reason behind the unilateral cancellation of the tour but did not give further details which clearly smacks of a foul play.

As also stated by Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, one may smell a conspiracy in cancellation of the tour by the New Zealanders, as the very purpose of embarrassing and defaming Pakistan was achieved by our enemies especially India through this whole episode.

The very concerns of New Zealand Cricket Board are totally uncalled for as Pakistan had made foolproof security arrangements for them.

What kind of assurances the Kiwis were required when Prime Minister Imran Khan himself spoke to his counterpart Jacinda Ardern and informed her that Pakistan has one of the best intelligence systems in the world and that no security threat of any kind existed for the visiting team.

Also in recent times, Pakistan has successfully conducted international cricket with South Africa visiting the country early this year and Sri Lanka back in 2019.

This cancellation of tour has once again reminded us the Indian threats to the foreign players who were willing to play Kashmir Super League.

The very act of New Zealand Cricket Board is an insult to Pakistani nation and the matter should be taken up strongly with the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Explanation should be sought from Kiwis that what kind of security threat they received just before the match when over the last few days they were regularly visiting Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium for practice.

Their very decision has also put at stake the upcoming home series of Pakistan against England.

It is the matter of our honour and dignity and we should not play with the Kiwis even at the T-Twenty World Cup beginning next month in the UAE until and unless they apologize over their conduct and play cricket on our grounds in the early possible dates.

Our intelligence agencies should also unearth and expose the actual reason and elements behind the cancellation of the cricket series.

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