PM’s appreciable move  


PRIME Minister Imran Khan Thursday launched the online system for issuance of letters of administration and succession certificates within fifteen days. Addressing the inaugural ceremony, he said the main objective of the digitalization of the inheritance system was to facilitate the general public and to provide them with justice without delay.
The move would surely come as a great relief to the people in view of inordinate delay and cumbersome procedure involved in issuance of the inheritance certificate through the judicial system. Apart from delays, which increased vows of the heirs, the existing process also cost much because of hiring of lawyers for the complicated procedure. According to Law Minister Barrister Farogh Nasim his Ministry has established succession facilitation units in collaboration with NADRA for issuing succession certificates to legal heirs who will now just have to show family registration certificate and the succession certificate would be issued within a fortnight. If successfully implemented, the new system would not only facilitate legal heirs of a deceased but also mitigate the burden of cases on the judicial system. We hope that the new system would be digital in the true sense of the word and not a replica of the computerization of land records that still requires active involvement of revenue staff. The Prime Minister has also emphasized on reforming the civil procedure court, criminal justice system and ensuring women’s inheritance rights and his keen interest might one day bring about a real change in the life of the people.

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