PMA regrets loss of precious human lives, property in Karachi & Hyderabad


Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has regretted 15 deaths in Karachi and another 06 in Hyderabad due to electrocution during recent rains. General Secretary of the association’s central chapter, Dr. S.M.Qaisar Sajjad in a statement here Wednesday said irreparable loss caused to the bereaved families and parents of young children can never be compensated.
Mentioning that severe impact of two days rain in Sindh particularly in Karachi and Hyderabad has emerged to be a regular phenomenon during monsoons, for last few years, he said the situation can simply be cited as a man-made calamity. The life in these two cities was paralyzed as most of the areas remained without power for 30 to 40 hours and consequently water supply also had to suspended adding to the difficulties of the people, said the senior doctor and PMA office-bearer. This was said to be besides the fact that people could not reach their offices, doctors and paramedics were unable to reach hospitals, patients suffered from this ugly situation and could not reach the hospitals in time for their treatment.
“Even ambulances got stuck on the roads because of severe traffic jams which in itself was due to rain and sewerage water standing on the roads.” The situation, Dr. Qaisar Sajjad demanded urgency to overhaul the drainage system of Karachi.
“As otherwise these pools and puddles of standing water can easily turn into breeding spots for different bacteria, viruses and other fatal organisms causing series of waterborne diseases in the affected areas of the province including the mega city.—APP

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