PM thwarts conspiracies by timely decision: Raja Basharat



Staff Reporter

Punjab Minister for Law and Cooperatives Raja Basharat on Saturday congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan on securing his vote of confidence and said that the full confidence of the members of the National Assembly in Prime Minister Imran Khan was in fact a sign of public confidence.

He said “Imran Khan has thwarted the conspiracies of the opposition by getting timely vote of confidence.

Now the PTI government will be able to implement its pro-people policies more diligently.

The PTI lead government will successfully complete its term and the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) leaders will be crying even after two and a half years while the people will elect Imran Khan as their Prime Minister again.

” Advising the PDM leaders, he said that they should now leave negative politics and come to Parliament for playing a positive role and focus on solving the problems of the people together with the government.

He said that the PTI government had handled the devastated economy with great difficulty for which independent organizations around the world were praising Imran Khan’s steps.

The Law Minister said that the position of PTI from day one was that the country could not develop unless corruption was eradicated and transparency was enhanced.

“Even today Imran Khan is sticking to the same position and is ready to make any sacrifice for it,” he added.

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