PM Imran vows not to resign, fight till the last ball


Says no-trust vote on Sunday to decide nation’s destiny; ‘Terms no-confidence move as ‘foreign-backed conspiracy’

Prime Minister Imran Khan has vowed that “come what may” he will not step down and face the no-confidence motion filed by the joint opposition against him in the National Assembly.

“Vote on the no-confidence motion will be held this Sunday,” he said while addressing the nation on Thursday and added, “on coming Sunday it will be decided in which direction this country will go”.

“I will not resign and will fight till the last ball,” he further said. The premier while terming the no-trust move as the “foreign-backed conspiracy” to topple his government said that the nation will not forgive those lawmakers who will vote against him in the lower house of parliament.

“People should see those people [lawmakers] who will ‘sell their conscience’ on Sunday,” said the premier while warning the parliamentarians that the coming generations will never forget them if they voted against him.“ I will never let this conspiracy to succeed come what may.”

Starting his address to the nation by thanking almighty Allah, he said, “I m fortunate that God gave me everything-fame, wealth, everything. I don t need anything today, he gave me everything for which I am very thankful.”

He said Pakistan is only 5 years older than me, I m from the first generation of country to be born after

independence. He said that as a child, he remember South Korea had come to Pakistan to learn how did we progress, Malaysian princes used to study with me in school and Middle East used to come to our universities.

“I ve seen all this sinking, seen my country getting insulted,” he said. The Prime Minister said, “We are crawling on the ground like ants.

I have always said that I will neither bow down to anyone nor I will allow anyone to bow down and this has been my position for 25 years.”


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