PM Imran takes shots at PDM ‘union’


Praises Naya Pakistan Housing Programme; Promises ‘revolution’ in agriculture sector

Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday has claimed that opposition parties only want National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

While addressing a ceremony at Raiwind after performing ground-breaking of a housing project under Punjab Peri Urban Low Housing scheme, the premier said that opposition parties established Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) which turned out to be a failed union.

Those who ruled the country for 30 years are not ready to be made accountable, he added.

PM Imran further said government is emphasizing on the housing sector to achieve higher growth and provide job opportunities to the people.

Government’s low cost housing initiative is a beginning of a revolution in the country.

It will enable the common man including the salaried class, welders, mechanics and small farmers to have their own houses, he told.

The premier said that the banks are now providing loans on low interest rates to the common man to build their own houses.

There is also a plan to convert slums into such facilities where people have access to all basic amenities including electricity,
gas and sewerage, he went on to say.

Under the Peri Urban housing scheme, PM said the housing units are being built in areas where there was no concept of constructing the houses.

The prime minister said the government is taking steps to uplift the agriculture sector. He said the agriculture sector will be transformed through the introduction of new techniques and technology.

Our exports have also started increasing due to the incentives given to the industries.

The people will see the positive outcome of present government s policies in the coming days, he concluded.