People advised to adopt safety measures in monsoon season

Staff Reporter

The District Health Authority has urged the people to ensure proper oral, internal and external hygiene to keep diseases at bay.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Health Dr Faiza Kanwal appealed to the public to be careful, as the body’s immunity reduced during monsoon and made it vulnerable to many diseases, which were commonly associated with this sea-

Talking to media, she said the diseases associated with monsoon were malaria, jaundice, gastrointestinal infections like typhoid and cholera.

She said that puddles of water, which gets stagnant due to rainwater becomes breeding ground for mosquitoes and cause of spreading diseases like malaria and dengue fever. Dr Faiza advised using a mosquito net or mosquito repellants like mats and coils.

She also cautioned the people to avoid walking in dirty water during the rainy season, adding this may lead to numerous fungal infections, which affect toes and nails. The CEO asked the diabetic patients to take special care of their feet and always keep them dry and clean.

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