Pakistani mango festivals held in China’s metropolises

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Pakistani mango festivals were held in Shanghai and Suzhou by Hongqiao Import Commodities Exhibi-tion and Trading Center.

According to Gwadar Pro, Hussain Haider, consul general of Pakistan in Shanghai attended the event.

“Pakistan grows high-quality mangoes, which are exported to more than 100 countries. With unique soil quality, temperature, and a long history of growing mangoes Pakistani mangoes are special in taste and aroma,” said Hussain Haider.

In his speech for the events, he introduced the latest development of the mango industry. “Mango is an important part of Pakistani culture.

One of the most famous varieties is the Chaunsa mango. It has stronge fragrance, high sweetness, fine fiber, thinner skin and smaller size compared with other mango varieties. “

The 500-kilograms Chaunsa mangoes provided at the mango festivals come from Multan, Pakistan.

“Yesterday the mangoes arrived at Pudong Airport. After nucleic acid tests, the mangoes were delivered to us, said staff from HQIICET.“Pakistani mangoes are sweet and glutinous with a delicate fragrance.

They are even more refreshing to quench thirst than ice cream,” a Shanghai consumer commented. Pakistani mangoes can not only be tasted at the mango festivals, they are also sold online.

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