Pakistani in US ‘donates $30m’ for Turkiye, Syria quake victims


A Pakistani in the United States anonymously “donated $30 million to the Turkish embassy” for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria as the natural disaster took the lives of thousands and destroyed thousands of homes.

The news of the donation, reported by Turkish media, was confirmed by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who took to Twitter and said: “Deeply moved by the example of an anonymous Pakistani who walked into Turkish embassy in the US and donated $30 million for earthquake victims in Türkiye and Syria.”

“These are such glorious acts of philanthropy that enable humanity to triumph over the seemingly insurmountable odds,” he added.

In a video shared on Twitter, TRT World journalist Yousuf Erim also appreciated the move and said: “Individuals, a Pakistani businessman walked into the Turkish embassy in the United States and anonymously donated $30 million by himself. We don’t know who he is. His identity has not been revealed.”

Mustafa Tanyeri — who is the editor-in-chief of The Election Post — said Turkey’s Ambassador to Washington Murat Mercan said that a Pakistani businessman alone contributed $30 million to the aid campaign launched in the US.—Agencies