Pakistan promoted peace: Rizwan


Provincial EPD Minister M Rizwan has paid tribute to Pak Air Force on the occasion of first anniversary of Surprise Day.
He said that the day of February 27 has become a landmark that how soldiers of Pakistan Air Force destroyed two Indian planes in response to Indian attack; arrested Abhi Nandan and after that released to spread the message of peace.
The minister said that since Pakistan has come into existence many times war has been imposed on us by India but India always faced defeat.
He said recently an Indian journalist tried to provoke American president against Pakistan but once again failed to promote culture of hate.
He said that due to controversial citizenship bill inside India and violation of human rights in Kashmir, Indian government was badly exposed in front of world while Pakistan was promoting culture of peace.
The minister also condemned the recent tragic incidents in India, damaged several mosques. He said that Muslims had been hurt badly across the world on this incident and these types of incidents have to stop immediately otherwise journey of peace could face obstacles.

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