Pakistan moving towards default: Musarat


Pakistan needs elections, not the PTI. The so-called ‘experienced’ team was imposed to overcome the inflation and today, inflation has devastated the common man. In our time, the media was falsely presenting a vague picture that there is severe inflation and a shortage of everything in Pakistan, whereas eight months ago, Pakistan was the cheapest country in the region. Bilawal, Maryam also held the anti-price-hike march to hoodwink voters. The ministers of the PDM-led government are busy creating world records of massive corruption. Despite the numerous foreign visits, the foreign minister of the imported government could not give any direction to the country’s chequered foreign policy. The flood victims in Sindh have been up to the path of Bilawal Bhutto and the foreign minister should also look into the poverty of the flood victims of Sindh. These views were expressed by Chief Minister and Punjab Government Spokesperson Musarat Jamshed Cheema while addressing a training workshop for media studies students under the title of freedom of expression being organized by the Women Media Center.

Musarat Cheema said that female students in Pakistan are ahead of men in the field of education. It is the responsibility of the state to provide a better environment for women through legislation where they can freely play their role for the betterment of society. She suggested that if women want to earn a name in any field, they should show the truth to people, whether someone likes it or not.

Musarat Cheema said that Pakistan is ranked 157 out of 180 in the Freedom of Expression Index and the martyrdom of Arshad Sharif shows that the country is, currently, going through the worst situation. She said that when the majority speaks the truth, it is not easy to suppress it. Ms Cheema regretted that the imported government started the propaganda of the watch as it could not prove the corruption of Imran Khan. The Cabinet Division’s committee fixed the value of the Toshakhana gifts and Imran Khan paid the price of the watch and taxes as per law. Musarat Jamshed said that, currently, the inflation rate is more than 35%. The Tehreek-e-Insaf government was employing 1.8 million people annually, while the PDM cabal made 2.2 million people unemployed in eight months. The PDM government has presented three solutions to improve the economy, one is blowing the whistle, and the other is staging dramas and throwing down microphones. She said that there is no good news for Pakistan after the regime change operation. Meanwhile, the imported government cleared all corruption cases against it. Sulaiman Shehbaz, involved in massive money laundering, was garlanded in the Prime Minister’s House, she lamented. If there was no corruption, why did all these people flee the country? They fled the country when they had their own government, she mentioned.

The spokesperson of the Chief Minister and Punjab Government said in a Twitter statement that the aftershock of the regime change operation is continuing. Pakistan is fast moving towards default. There is a possibility of a 40% reduction in cotton production and a shortage of wheat.