Pak Navy ship reaches Syria with relief goods


Pakistan navy ship nasr reached Latakia, Syria on Monday with nearly 800 tons of relief goods from the people of Pakistan for the earthquake victims of Syria.

Along with ambassador of Pakistan the naval ship was received by minister for education Mr Darim Tabba, Syrian naval chief and all principal officers.

Governor of Latakia province and the regional secretary general of Baath party and city notables. Jubilant school children played the band. The ship sailed under the command of commodore sohail while captain zohaib was the captain of the ship.

Speaking on the occasion ambassador Shahid Akhtar thanked prime minister of Pakistan for his special interest in setting up relief fund in Pakistan for Syria and turkey and his personal supervision of the relief work.

Under the constant supply of goods additional naval ships and container ships have already sailed with hundreds of tons of relief goods.

Minister of education and governor thanked the government and people of Pakistan and said that people of Syria would always remember the great Pakistani nation that has historically stood behind them on all the occasions. A large number of media channels provided the live coverage.