Over 4,500 crossed into Pakistan via Torkham border since Aug 15


At least 4,578 people from Afghanistan have been recorded to cross into Pakistan via the Torkham border area, out of which 2,205 are Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban.

The figures recorded for the exchange of people between Afghanistan and Pakistan since the past three weeks when the Taliban toppled the Ghani-led Afghan government and took over. It said 2,293 of those traversing through the Torkham border are Pakistanis.

On the other hand, those going into Afghanistan via this border have been 2,099, out of which 1,823 are Afghans and 122 are Pakistanis. The evacuations have been on the rise with many who did not get the chance to board the planes at Kabul airport amid the havoc weighed overland trips to crossing borders.

Those cutting through the Chaman Border into Pakistan have been 24 reportedly. 18 of these 24 evacuees are Afghans while remaining Pakistanis.

Total 10 Pakistanis and an Afghan traveled through Chaman border into Afghanistan, the reports said. Islamabad airport witnesses more than 20,000 Afghanistan evacuations

Earlier last week, it was reported that Islamabad International Airport had handled 450 evacuation flights from Afghanistan as the airport became the centre of the flight operation for coalition troops withdrawing from Kabul.

The report of statistics of evacuation flights at Islamabad International Airport that showed that the airport handled the flights of military and special commercial aircraft from Afghanistan.

26,000 foreigners had been transported to Islamabad from where they flew to different countries via special flights. The national carrier transported 1,460 Afghans and nationals to Pakistan.—INP

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