Opposition seeks yet another chance for survival in politics: Hasaan


Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab on Information and Spokesperson to the Punjab Government Hasaan Khawar has said that the opposition, swiftly receding from the national political landscape and is struggling for yet another chance.

In a statement issued here on Thursday, he was of the view that if the opposition had the required numbers, it would have canceled the long march and headed for a no-confidence motion.

Talking about the meetings of the opposition parties with PML-Q, Hasaan Khawar said that the Chaudhry brothers are seasoned politicians and their meetings with all parties are a routine matter.

He further said that the opposition parties were not in a position to make any offer to government allies. PML-N has once betrayed PML-Q by ditching them after securing the government with their help in 1997.

The SACM said that differences in complex political issues are not a matter of grave concern.

The important thing is to overcome these differences and work for the national interest, and government’s track record in this regard is thousand times better than that of the opposition, he was of the view.

Hasaan said that in the last three years the opposition could not reach a consensus within its ranks while the government was engaged in public service.


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