Factory fire under control, MD dies in shock


Fire that broke out at an electronic factory was doused by the firefighters after a 14-hour long struggle on Thursday.

A fire broke out at a local electronic plant on Multan Road, Lahore, destroying machinery and raw materials worth millions of rupees.

Firefighting units were called to the location, and measures to put out the fire persisted for several hours after the rescue workers arrived. Due to the presence of incendiary/ignitable material on-site, the fire spread to other parts of the factory.

The blaze which started at 4:00 pm yesterday afternoon was doused at 8:00 am on Thursday morning after a widescale operation carried out by 55 fire-fighters and eight fire engines.

According to the Rescue officials, the blaze was initially started at the factory’s fridge-making unit which spread to other units in the factory.

The fire was put brought under control by the Lahore firefighters and the process of cooling is currently underway.

According to reports, the massive blaze destroyed machinery and raw material at the refrigerator-making unit of the electronics manufacturer factory.

Hearing the news of the fire Managing Director (MD) of the factory 60-year-old Sarfaraz, suffered a heart attack due to shock and lost his life.

To recall, a similar event occurred in Karachi’s Korangi Industrial Area a few weeks ago, when a fire broke out in an industrial unit, partially destroying the structure.

Several hours later, firefighters were able to put out the fire. As per reports, there were no injuries recorded as a result of the incident.


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