No teaching hospital in Punjab being privatised: Minister


Staff Reporter

Provincial Minister Health Dr Yasmin Rashid has strongly condemned the news regarding the privatization of government Medical Teaching Hospitals of Punjab and declared it misleading and against the facts. She said that under the MTI Act, neither any medical teaching hospital in Punjab has been privatised and nor it will take place in future.
The MTI Act has been formulated to create ease for the patients by making the hospitals autonomous. She said that doing politics in the name of the MTI Act and misleading the public should be stopped. More facilities will be provided to the patients of all the government hospitals of Punjab, she added. Dr Yasmin Rashid said that no miscreant would be allowed to create hurdle in the provision of treatment facilities to the poor people in the name of MTI. Hospital administration has been strengthened with the help of the MTI Act.
Welfare of people is top priority of the government. She maintained that efforts were underway to improve the environment of public hospitals. She said that the implementation of MTI Act did not endanger employment of any civil servant or officer.
The facility of practising has been given to doctors within the hospital under MTI Act.