New businesses under public private partnership may lessen foreign aid reliance


MCCI former president Khawaja Jalal uddin Romi said on Saturday dependency on foreign aid might be reduced when new businesses would be launched under public private partnership.

In a statement in connection with Independence Day celebrations, he informed that the collaboration would not only put the economy on right path but also help minimizing unemployment in the country.

Industry should be extended incentives besides exemption in taxes to refrain the youth from joblessness, the renowned industrialist said adding that water issue would be settled only when all stakeholders join hands to construct new dams.

Ex president Multan and DG Khan charmers of Commerce deplored that we could not address our problems even after passage of 75 years of our independence.

Mr Romi noted that each one of us should go for self accountability on diamond jubilee celebration about our role in national development and progress and prosperity of the country. —APP


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