Muslims, Islam and the West


Both Muslims and their religion Islam are misunderstood in the West. By and large, people of the Western countries believe that Islam is a conservative religion and all its propagators i.e Muslims are biased, extremists and terrorists in their behaviors. This concept regarding the religion and its followers has permeated in the minds of the Westerners to such an extent that they have become fearful of all the Muslims of the world.
There is a greater need to change such concept of the Westerners regarding Islam and the Muslims. All the Muslim scholars living in the Western countries should play their role to correct the true and positive image of both Islam and Muslims before the Westerners. Through discussions and a media campaign, Western people should be educated that Islam is the most peaceful religion on the earth and its followers, too, believe in peace and moderation.
In this regard, we should take the support of the media of the people of Western countries. On the important T.V channels such as CNN, BBC, FOX NEWS and in the widely read newspapers, there is a greater need to catch the audience/readers of these Western countries for depicting the true message of Islam before them.
On these channels and newspapers, Westerners should be informed that there are only a few elements within the Muslim world who, on the name of Islam, are creating trouble for us all, for achieving their vested interests only. Western viewers should also be informed that such elements are not the true followers of Islam, and all their terrorist and other unhealthy activities against their countries or even otherwise are widely condemned by the common people of the Muslim world as well.