Kim Jong Il, Chairman, NDC


The country’s unity is unthinkable apart from the exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il (1942-2011) of the National Defence Commission, whom the Korean people uphold as the eternal General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Having started working on the Central Committee of the WPK in the mid-1960s and leading the Party for a long time, he ensured that all the people and the entire country achieved unity, unprecedented in human history. Based on this unity, the DPRK develops and advances towards a brighter future without any hesitation or vacillation even under the harshest-ever sanctions by the hostile forces.
Military strength of the DPRK is recognized across the world. It possesses modern state-of-the-art weapons and powerful means of attack and defence and has an army capable of performing any modern warfare efficiently. As it is strong in the military aspect, no force dares to provoke the country. Its military strength should not be assessed by the standard of its army. With all the people being armed and the whole country fortified on a high level, it is literally a “porcupine”.
The country’s politics of independence is supported by the powerful military strength as well as by the self-supporting economy. It adheres to the principle of self-reliant defence. In view of the fact that Korea had suffered all manners of trials by outside forces, it is so natural that the powerful military strength is regarded as a treasured sword with which to protect the security of the country and nation. The preceding leaders, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, paid special attention to building up the country’s military capability. Inheriting their idea of giving priority to armed forces, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is turning the country into a military giant, a strategic state recognized by the world