Dev is outcome of inclusive growth


The real definition of development is that when your institutions are working properly and people are given equal rights and opportunities. The history of development has shown that it can be achieved through being inclusive and making institutions fair enough to protect rights of people. When your people are provided opportunities according to their capabilities, then the development can be observed.
Inclusive is when all people have same platform and work collaboratively to enhance growth. The developed countries like the US have worked much on human capital to improve and enhance their capabilities and then look after that how those opportunities are being functioned. If you are providing good opportunities but those are not according to the capabilities of people, those are useless. The most important thing is that how much capable and skilled people you have. If a country works on skill and capabilities, it will get better fruit than those who don’t. Your residents are your main assets. If you can’t retain them, you will be victim of brain drain.
Traditional economies were just relying on agriculture, just single sector where just farmers were working and landlord people were enjoying the benefits and the concept of working together, being inclusive was lower but as the concept of inclusive workforce has been introduced, people have started working collaboratively to enhance the economy. The inclusiveness of sectors – industrial and agricultural – have boosted economy of many countries like US. China nowadays is making workforce as much inclusive as possible and the result is in front of us as it is leading GDP growth all over the world. So in order to get development, make institutions and people as much inclusive as possible and provide them skills related to capacities.