More troops in IoK


CLASSIFIED as the world’s most militarized zone as well as the largest region occupied by security forces, Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) has been experiencing relentless violence especially under Modi junta. The occupying forces have broken all records of brutality and tyranny in the Valley.
Tension in occupied Kashmir further rose on Sunday over the weekend deployment of at least ten thousand paramilitary troops to the disputed territory. India is already maintaining a heavy presence of troopers in the Valley that runs into hundreds and thousands, and the deployment of additional troops indeed indicates the situation is getting graver. It has also been reported that India’s security set-up in the IoK is being reoriented like never before which itself indicates the fears amongst the Indian ranks of losing Kashmir. The deployment of additional troops also follows the uproar sparked by US President Donald Trump after he claimed during a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan that Modi asked him to mediate on Kashmir dispute. Such security measures or consideration to set aside a constitutional provision – Article 35A – which would allow Indians from outside the disputed territory to buy land in the Vale will not at all alter the basic nature of the dispute and with this the Kashmiris cannot be forced to submission. Rather it will further boil up the situation which will be difficult for India to handle. Firstly, we will urge the international community, especially the major capitals, to take notice of the military build-up in the occupied territory. Then it is also for New Delhi to shun its intransigence and sit with Pakistan and Kashmiri leadership to find an amicable solution of the lingering dispute. India can no longer shy away from it as Kashmir dispute indeed stands internationalized. Only through its resolution both Pakistan and India can cultivate the seeds of peace and prosperity for their peoples and that will benefit the entire region.

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