Mob sets murder accused on fire in Charsadda


A charged mob set on fire a murder accused in Charsadda triggering clashes between police and the protesters which left many people injured.

A video of the accused being burnt has also been making rounds on social media. The protesters also tortured the man accused of shooting a youth dead a day ago.

According to police, a minor verbal clash led to the murder of 15-year-old Shehsawar which sparked a violent reaction from the family of the slain youth and the local residents who first burnt down the house of the accused, who was present inside.

The protesters razed a part of the house as police tried to rescue the accused from the charged mob.

The police led by DPO Charsadda Asif Bahadur resorted to aerial firing and tear gas shelling in an attempt to disperse the angry crowd who later set the accused on fire.

In the mayhem, several people were injured including the accused’s mother and SHO City Bahramand Khan who were shifted to the district hospital for treatment.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Law Minister Fazal Shakoor also rushed to the scene in order to calm down the situation.—INP

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