Meeting with Abid Chohan, Lord Mayor of Manchester


zafar Bakhtawari

Manchester is a great example of economic miracle achieved by industrial Revolution, political stability and developed infrastructure. Now its heading toward prosperity and advancement by providing attractive international opportunities to people all across the world .Manchester became the first industrial city of the world after the industrial revolution and Manchester university had played a key role in this . After World wars Manchester had lost its industrial identity but it managed to revive as one of the most important cities in terms of politics and trade.
There is a Huge Pakistani diaspora living in Manchester. It is enthusiastically participating in the efforts to stimulate economic growth of UK. It has always played a vital role in supporting the country’s economy at home by sending crucial remittances. It is not oblivious of its role in projecting Pakistan’s soft image. It has proven its mettle in various fields such as education, politics, and entrepreneurship across the globe.
Afzal Khan was the first Pakistani Muslim member of the British parliament from Manchester. he had already been elected as member of European parliament and also had the honor to serve as Manchester’s Lord mayor in 2005. he was the man who set an example for other fellow British Pakistanis to follow. Later in 2013 Naeem-Ul- Hassan became the second Lord Mayor of Manchester and currently Mr. Abid Latif Cohan has assumed the charge of Manchester’s Lord mayor. this is an evidence of the hard work Pakistanis all around the world passionately putting in their respective field.
Mr. Abid Chohanis among those who has promoted the soft image of Pakistan throughout the world and made us feel proud. He not just diligently serving people of Manchester, but also people of Pakistan. He has showed that Pakistani people are talented, brilliant and devoted.
He is from Jehlum, Punjab. he has been serving humanity sincevery long. in fact has inspired the nation with his noble deeds. As a human rights lawyer and activist, Abid remained a strong advocate of peace as well as a staunch defender of human rights around the sphere. Not only this as the founder and Chair of the British Pakistani Cultural Association, he very well promoted Pakistani heritage and culture in the UK. As an elected Manchester City Councilor he worked for Race and Equality and promoted number of scrutiny committees including Children and Young People, Communities, Neighbourhoods and Environment, and the Planning and Highways Committee.
The British parliament one can say are keen to rescue the interest of minorities in political affairs. Itis combating discrimination on the basis of religion and racism. The number of Muslim MPs elected in the Parliament has risen significantly. Many British Pakistanis have won elections to become members of the House of Commons primarily on the tickets of Labor and Conservative parties. This is a practical example of a strong democratic system devoid of discrimination. Khalid Mehmood, Shabana Mehmood, Yasmin Qureshi, Naz Shah, Imran Hussain, Raja Mohammed Yasin Rehmanchisti, Sajid Javed, Raja Wajid and Nusrat Ghani have succeeded in securing their place in British parliament. Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London, has been a big name among the British Pakistanis who have managed to rise to the power corridors. I was there during his election campaign in London as it was the historic event for any Pakistani around the globe in politics. Presently sadiq khan is the second strongest person in British system after the prime minister. British prime minister election is not intricate as it is indirect. in the parliamentary system only members of the house of commons which are around 650 cast their vote whereas in the election of mayor on London it is direct election where about 10 million resident of London elect their mayor directly.
People of Pakistan always stand with their brothers in the United Kingdom just like they do with their brothers at home. Pakistani diaspora in Britain is vital for economic growth of the country and Pakistanis are thankful to such brothers in UK and have special regard for them in their hearts.
Manchester is the fifth biggest city in the United Kingdom. The Northern Powerhouse Initiative, current transport system, IT framework and regarded universities has helped Manchester to become as one of the UK’s massive financial hotspots.
The University of Manchester is the biggest university in the UK, with the greatest enrolment students which is over 40 thousand.