LCCI chief for polio-free Pakistan


Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh has said that we cannot leave our generations on mercy of polio. It is a matter of our future therefore everybody would have to play his role to give a final blow to cripple polio disease.
In a statement, the LCCI president said that we have to continue working towards polio eradication till we achieve the goal of polio free Pakistan and the world. ‘If we all do our part, we can and will end this disease. But we must act quickly and give ourselves the very best chance to succeed’. He appreciated the role of government, security forces and organizations which were creating awareness and providing polio drops to the children. He stressed on the responsibility of the government to ensure all children less than five years of age receive polio drops.
He also condemned attacks on polio teams and urged the government to ensure fool proof security. He said that awareness is very much important for eradication of the crippling disease. He said that the children suffer from the crippling disease of polio every year therefore, all segments of the society would have to play their part in its eradication.
Irfan Iqbal Sheikh said that women can play vital in this regard. So, there was a dire need to create awareness among the women so that they were aware of the importance of the polio immunization and could get their children vaccinated against polio disease. ‘If it was done then we would be able to make our country and the province polio-free’, he said. He said that the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry was quite conscious of its corporate social responsibility as an institution with the name of LABARD is working for the rehabilitation of the disabled for about two decades.

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