KU’s research scholars raise alarm over freezing of teaching posts


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Research Scholars of Kashmir University’s Biological Science have raised alarm over the freezing of nearly 12 Assistant Professor posts in the department, fearing that delay is being made intentionally to make way for some blue-eyed candidates to apply for these positions directly without going through the recruitment process.

The research scholars told the media that the Varsity had sought online submissions for at least 12 Assistant Professor posts in the Biological Sciences on August 25th, under advertisement number 2 of 2022.

They said that rather than going through the standard hiring procedure, the University put the positions on hold because it was considering appointing candidates in violation of UGC guidelines.

The students said that the University’s indecision has dashed the hopes of hundreds of students with PhDs and PDFs who are not eligible for the Public Service Commission jobs. “I am 46 years old, and my only hope is to get integrated into the institution; if fair recruitment methods are not followed, how can I get a job?” a Research Scholar who has found over 15 new insect species told the media.

The scholars said that they had brought up the issue with the relevant quarters on numerous occasions, but nothing had changed as of yet.—KMS