Knowledge-based economy in Pakistan | By Dr Anees Akhtar, UK


Knowledge-based economy in Pakistan

EUROSCIENCE of mind empowerment is a part of the Neurocosmic project for global enlightenment, consciousness and creative culture.

The contents of this innovative and abundant model are based on the following therapeutic, metacognitive, and creative approaches for mind healing, metacognition, and creativity for knowledge based economies.

Goal settings and executive brain function: Proper planning your imaginations make you a fortunate being.

We can make our pre-frontal cortex and Hippocampus smarter by setting short term and long term goals to reach the targets of our life missions and passions, and to develop the vision of professionals and legends.

We should keep on moving forward in our career or missionary life with developing our executive brain functions by managing our pre-frontal cortex by these high achievements’ tools in our life.

A conspicuous growth of grey matter in the brain could be seen by fMRI scans of a person following written goals and aims in his or her life.

This on-going daily growth with goals routines in life will make life of a person longer, smarter, and more successful than those who are randomly following life purposes without written goals.

Such a purposeful person with missionary life will be happier and more satisfied due to harnessing the more honesty pure wisdom which is golden treasure of happiness, contentment, and great wealth by gaining the trust of societies and humanity at large.

On the other hand, empathy, honesty and wisdom are essential elements and ingredients to make your soul free from psycho somatic illness and social sins eg, anger, envy, jealousy, and revenge which are negative emotions that are a natural part of human soul. “Some time your honesty makes other people honest with you.”

This is an out-of-box thinking and most effective way of leadership and prolonging your ruling and kingdom in any field of life.

Clinically, it is the best approved attitude of making your body immune from illness and infections.

On one hand it is a faith, and on the other, it is placebo effect, on which modern clinical psychology and pathology is based.

Adapting such positive and optimistic attitudes, always viewing, and visualizing positive results, will produce and attract more success than expecting negativity and failure which unfortunately is widespread in our societies. Adapting lifestyle according to epigenetics rules can enhance your neuroplasticity and mind power

Fuelling our minds with positive thoughts, high dimensional knowledge, and conducive environment for living will make our minds and bodies like a spiritual machine predicting and creating the knowledge of ultimate truth and reality of universe from its intrinsic body zapies discussed in the book, including organization of complex knowledge structure either manually or electronically.

By practicing these methods and knowledge, the DNA of your body will start unfolding and expressing itself and will gradually start raising your intelligence, consciousness, and other wisdoms.

Silent and dormant genes will start expressing your cellular memory and other neural systems memories like solar plexes, heart, and gut. The brain will start getting conscious until you reach the highest level of super-genius consciousness.

A person with such a consciousness and enlightenment will have a broader vision toward life, societies and the universe.

In this way you can overcome your fears due to ignorance, diseases, and environmental disasters of weathers, volcanoes, oceans, and other universal disasters due to meteorites collusions with planet earth, satellites, and spaceships debris around the earth, overheating of the sun due to stars collusions, blackholes formations due to novas and supernovas.

By carefully exploring vital regions of the brain, the author of the book firmly believes that human brains’ vital organs are thrusting and hungry for getting their full nourishment from this universal knowledge and wisdom of art, music, and spirituality.

Every human could be able to get this vital fuel, which is the common heritage of humanity to acquire full consciousness, the malleable mind prone to change itself according to wisdom.

On other hand, DNA is also prone to mutations relative to its good environment and consciousness.

Global democratization of science education system and spirituality would be of great help to citizens of countries to get benefit from these universal sources of knowledge.

Establishment of creative institutes and industries in the form of fiction and non fiction book industries and converting the stories of these books into their graphic form, film or in art and sculpture form will educate the human brain to understand following the emotions of his or her fellow human properly and logically.

These industries could better educate the emotions of citizens and nations and will make them humbler and more humane with fellow citizens, with nature, and with the universe.

It is a universal fact that today’s economically and culturally prosperous countries and nations are the result of quality creative products from these knowledge economies.

These products have great global market where other developed countries can trade their books, films, music, sports, research on spirituality and other cultural shows to harmonize the global communities.

In local markets the products from these industries could propel the growth of creativity and innovation and productivity which is an engine of prosperity.

But those countries and their head of states who are reluctant to develop these knowledge-based economies in their states, it is speculated that in coming decades the brain growth and intelligence geniuses or those intellectual who are main power of this economy including scientists, philosophers, artistes, writers, poets, and musicians will perish from those nations.

All other states lacking this intelligence and wisdom will desperately become dependent on states enriched in these industries and creative culture. They must follow their economical and foreign policies.

Ultimately brains from these regions will start shrinking and become extinct like many plants and animal species are on high risks of extinction due to severe inevitable environmental factors of drought and famine in these areas. So, to keep on flourishing the terrestrial brain, we must head on these challenges and problems.

This vital human organ is facing extinction globally and specifically in Africa, Asia, Latin America and East and Middle East and other regions of globes, where brain health and growth is severely ignored due to environmental and cultural challenges.
—The writer is contributing columnist, based in London.

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