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Harassment at Minar-i-Pakistan

Despite previous rape, murder and sexual harassment cases, while everyone was busy celebrating the 74th Independence Day at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, a woman celebrating along with her friends was sexually harassed by 400 men and boys.

She was sexually abused, touched and stripped off by the men or so-called animals at sight.

Not even one out of those 400 men stood up for her protection or for basic human rights. People, including men, chant women rights all the time yet when they were required to act upon their words, they join the criminals murdering the social rights of women.

The government should take action against these human faced beasts and punish them in a way that no one ever tries to abuse a woman.

Videos went viral on social media where the victim was seen absolutely helpless and alone among sexual abusers.

People often claim odd dressing as the reason behind a sexual assault but the victim was dressed modestly so what do those people have to say now? What are the reasons behind such humiliating acts? Because this incident clearly proved that one’s dressing has nothing to do with such incidents, it is always and solely the criminals fault.


Taliban win the people

This refers to the Taliban’s general apology to everyone. They have not revenged despite being in a war state for the last two and half decades.

Taliban won the people’s hearts when they gave their stance on protecting women rights and empowering them according to the Islamic norms, free and independent media, good relationship with neighbouring countries and a narcotics free country.

It was a misconception and lasting fear that the Taliban are a terrorist group having no human feelings. The terror and humiliation of the people was their ideology.

But after taking over Afghanistan, they gave their manifesto that their government shall be reciprocal and in accordance with the modern Islamic principles.

The Taliban were wrongly perceived to be rigid in their belief against the Shia community but it was a moment worth capturing when the senior commander of the Taliban approached the Majilis and mourned with the Shia community. Taliban’s positive mindset for women rights and their societal role is praiseworthy.

It was believed that women rights and freedom will be at stake once the Taliban take over however, women continue working as they used to before. In fact, a high command Taliban was interviewed by a woman.

Another positive aspect the Taliban have shown is the liberty to foreigners to either stay or leave Afghanistan with their consent.

There shall be no bloodshed. Before the Taliban took over, it was believed that Ashraf Ghani and his government would bring modern democracy and the Taliban shall be the cause of monarchy but when the Taliban came into power, they optimistically changed the world’s mindset.


Contaminated water

Potable, uncontaminated water is scarce in Nawabshah. The perennial problem of water has exacerbated daily life. In order to carry out daily household chores, people rely on contaminated water.

Of late, Pakistan Council of Research of Water Resources (PCRWR) analysed the underground water samples of major cities from which a harrowing report has come out that 100% water is unsafe for drinking in Mirpur Khas, Nawabshah and Gilgit.
The report also addresses that water is adulterated with bacteria, arsenic, iron and fluoride.

Bacteria are the main cause of intestinal tract (diarrhea, stomach-ache) which is potentially fatal for children and infants.

Contaminated water is also a major factor of insidious and corrosive diseases like kidney failure, teeth decaying, cancer, skin lesions, cardiovascular and diabetes.

Last year Pakistan Medical Association released a report regarding contaminated water that the poor quality of drinking water is responsible for nearly 30% of disease and 40% deaths in the country.

According to an IMF report in 2018, Pakistan ranked third on the list of countries facing acute water shortage.

Despite the installation of Asia’s largest water filtration plant in Nawabshah, people are deprived of clean and pure drinking water.

Electable representatives are ignorant to install RO plants in their jurisdictions to provide pure drinking water for the masses.

It is high time that the federal and provincial governments decide long-term and not short-term palliatives to provide safe drinking water to the citizens.


Water crisis

One cannot survive without water, yet in 2020, more than one billion people still wake up without clean water every day and this is a continuous problem, meaning that millions of vulnerable families around the world do not drink, cook, or bathe with clean water — a basic natural resource that we too often take for granted.

Over one billion people outside the US don’t have access to clean; safe drinking water. 3.4 million people die every year from contaminated water sources.

According to experts, population growth and urbanization are main reasons behind this crisis and “Pakistan is approaching the scarcity threshold or water”

Water crisis in Pakistan are more due to water wastage, rapid population growth, depleting dams, outdated canal system and expensive and improper ways of irrigation.

Therefore, amidst all these issues, there is a dire need for possible solutions to overcome this crisis.

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