KE grieved at all safety incidents


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Overall power supply situation remained stable as the city witnessed intermittent rainfall for the fifth consecutive day. Strategic locations such as hospitals and Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) critical pumping stations remained energised throughout. Power supply was temporarily suspended in some parts of Mauripur, Defence and parts of Gulshan as well as in areas with a high incidence of kundas, in the interest of public safety.
Most areas of the city were inundated including KDA Chowrangi, SITE, Gulshan Iqbal Block 13 D, Surjani, Korangi among others which posed a severe challenge to the KE on-ground teams working to rectify faults and created hurdles and delays in the process of power restoration.
KE was forced to shut down several feeders in areas with urban flooding to avoid any unfortunate incident.
K-Electric is aggrieved at all unfortunate incidents which occurred during the ongoing torrential rains, and sympathizes with the affected families. During the severe thunderstorm on Friday, an electrocution incident was reported in the SITE area. Power supply to the area was suspended immediately upon receiving information and K-Electric ground teams were dispatched instantly to the site. The power utility is launching an investigation into the incident, and has suspended the senior officer on duty while the investigation is on-going.
Over five days of intermittent rain, other incidents of electrocution were also reported including in PIB Colony, in the Teenhatti area, due to contact with a faulty generator wire wrapped around a grill. Another incident, reported in Orangi Town, was caused inside the premises by a water motor.
In Clifton, a young woman was electrocuted due to a street light pole wrapped with internet and TV cables. She was fortunately rescued and able to receive timely treatment and make a full recovery. These incidents are not connected with KE infrastructure, poles or wires in any way but are a cause of extreme grief and concern for K-Electric.
Following the Pakistan Met Departments (PMD) rain prediction, KE had alerted all civic authorities about the need for coordinated efforts to ensure timely drainage of standing rainwater so as to avert any public safety incident.
KE has also continuously been promoting public safety awareness highlighting the importance of maintaining a safe distance from electrical infrastructure as well as reiterating the careful use of electrical equipment inside homes.
People are advised to stay away from power infrastructure including poles, transformers and power lines.
Standing under transformers, billboards or leaning against poles or trees close to power infrastructure should be avoided at all times, and especially during situations of water logging and urban-flooding. Children in particular should be cautioned from playing near electricity installations.

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