K Electric ‘defy’ rules in billing for July


Residents of Karachi may want to check their household electricity bills to determine whether they were ‘illegally’ overbilled by K Electric for the month of July.

Investigation has found that the electricity utility seemingly violated the terms and conditions of tariff set by the national regulator by charging customers for 32 days during the month of July, instead of the maximum 30 days allowed.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) officials has described the move as ‘illegal’ and said K-Electric will need to provide an explanation for why it violated its agreement with the regulator.

It is not fully clear how many individuals were affected, but bills shared with media by residents of Gulshan, Korangi, Defence, Scheme 33 and North Nazimabad in Karachi suggest that 32-day billing was done in multiple areas of the city.

K Electric customers can determine if they were issued an ‘illegal’ bill by comparing the meter reading dates (provided on their bills on page 2, top right of the first column) for the last two months.

If the number of days exceeds 30, you may be eligible to lodge a complaint with NEPRA regarding the matter.


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