Interior Ministry cracks down on Human


The Ministry of Interior has ordered all paths be blocked that are used for human trafficking to Iran.

Many young people said they are struggling with severe economic conditions, and this crackdown will only cause more problems.

Mohammad Nabi, a resident of Kapisa, and his family came to Nimruz province and are living in a small hotel. “We were unable to purchase passports and visas. Now when we arrived in Nimroz, the Islamic Emirate closed the borders. Where can I go with these children I have with me?” he said.

Many young people arrived in Nimroz province seeking to cross the border to Iran. They called on the Islamic Emirate to provide job opportunities in the country.

“There is no opportunity for work. Everyone is forced to leave the country to find food,” said Hashmatullah, a resident of Kapisa. “I am not happy about leaving the country but I am obliged to,” said Faqir Ahmad, a resident of Kapisa.

The department of Refugees and Repatriation of Nimruz said that the Ministry of Interior ordered all border forces to prevent human trafficking in a bid to stop the illegal migration of citizens to the neighboring countries.

“Afghanistan is going toward development, and the Afghans must try to spend their energy on the development of their own country,” said Sadiqullah Nasrat, head of the department.

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