Indirect taxes to enhance people’s miseries: Bilawal

Ijaz Kakakhel

Criticizing the annual budget 2021-22, Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto on Friday said there was a storm of indirect taxes in the budget and the whole document was based on lies.

Taking part in budget debate, the PPP Chairman said that the protesting government employees were also deceived in the budget.

If there was real growth then why more people came below poverty line, he questioned.

“You promised to provide one crore jobs, instead there is a rise in unemployment and poverty in the country,” said Bilawal Bhutto adding that the government did not even
increase salaries last year.

He further said those who were employed also lost their job during the reign of the incumbent government. He said that the people were drowning in the tsunami of inflation.

Bilawal said that both the budget and the budget session of the PTI-led government are “illegal.”

He said that it seems the government was playing the role of the Opposition instead of running the country.

Criticising Prime Minister Imran Khan famous
rhetoric, Bilawal said that likening the country — which is being ruled by an “illegitimate government” — to the state of Madina is not appropriate.

He said the masses were aware of the fact that “claims of 4% growth are based on lies,” adding that ever since the government has taken over, no new National Finance Commission award has been given to provinces.

Azhar was speaking after Bilawal delivered a stinging speech on the floor of the House, saying that the government’s four per cent growth number was a “lie” and that it had abandoned the common man by bringing about unprecedented levels of

“If you are not cowards then remain in your seats and listen to what I have to say. If you have the strength to hear the truth, then listen to what I have to say,” Azhar said, but the PML-N president did not react and exited the house. A few minutes later,
Bilawal followed suit.

Hammad lashed out at Bilawal and said that immature lecture was delivered on economy.

The minister said that no one can wash out the stain of corruption by speaking English.

The opposition parties were not digesting the four percent growth, he
added. The minister said that Sindh government was being run by an outsider.

“Those who have never done anything to improve the country’s economy and have no knowledge thereof delivered an immature speech on the government’s budget and economic policies,” he lamented.

He asked the Opposition to go through the
budget documents once again and point out what taxes, as they claim, have been levied in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Azhar said that the rate of inflation was higher during the tenure of the PPP government, adding that it was the PPP that went to the IMF more than any other government in the past.

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