India’s double game



INDIA is playing a double game in Afghanistan and it stood clearly exposed on Saturday when two Indian planes landed in the war-torn country to apparently airlift its team of a diplomatic mission serving there, however, it emerged later that it dropped ammunition to be used against Afghan Taliban.

The Indian authorities on the one hand are trying to engage the Taliban team in Doha while, on the other hand, providing the Afghan forces with ammunition to be used against them in the guise of airlifting its diplomatic mission in Kandahar.

The very Indian act has verified Pakistan’s stance that New Delhi is only a spoiler whilst repeatedly warning the Afghan authorities to be wary of it.

At a time when there is a dire need to support peace efforts, India is providing ammunition to one party only to fuel the fire so that stability does not return there.

A recent book written by British Indian author Avinash Paliwal also provides the answer as to why Modi-led Indian government is playing this double game in Afghanistan. Whilst supporting different terrorist groups in Afghanistan, India has waged a proxy war against Pakistan.

In addition, the book reads that both Modi and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani do not want success of peace process as it will be considered a victory of Pakistan.

This mindset is really the biggest threat to the Afghan peace process. Firstly, the Afghan leadership must demonstrate maturity and stop playing in the hands of India, which is not their friend but foe.

They must understand that the success of peace process will be the ultimate success of their own people, heal their wounds and take their country towards the path of progress and prosperity.

One may understand the Indian worries regarding its sinking investment in Afghanistan which it had made with the sole purpose to use the country for a proxy war against Pakistan. The success of peace process will only foil its evil designs

. Whilst the major powers must continue their efforts for early conclusion of a politically negotiated outcome that is sustainable and durable, India must be reined in and not allowed under any circumstances to undermine the peace process.

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