Indian billionaire funding Myanmar military-owned company


In a shocking revelations, two human rights groups alleged that Indian business magnate Gautam Adani paid around $52 million to Myanmar Economic Corporation – a Myanmar-military owned company, sanctioned by the United States and other western powers for human rights abuses.

A report by the Australian Centre for International Justice (ACIJ) and Justice For Myanmar (JFM) exposed “shocking” new links between Adani Ports, and the Myanmar military owned company Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC).

According to the report, the Adani Ports subsidiary paid a minimum of US$30 million in land lease fees to MEC and a further US$22 million in land clearance fees.

The report ‘Port of Complicity: Adani Ports in Myanmar’ publishes leaked documents establishing for the first time the amount paid by Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited’s (Adani Ports) Myanmar subsidiary, the Adani Yangon International Terminal Company Limited, which is constructing a container port in Yangon on military owned land.