India pushing false narrative on normalcy in IIOJK to hoodwink world


India is continuously peddling false propaganda to push the false narrative of so-called normalcy returning to Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Political analysts in their media interviews said that continued detentions, slapping of draconian laws even on journalists debunk India’s claim of normalcy. Indian troops have converted IIOJK in an open jail where basic human rights are abused on perpetual basis.

New Delhi, they maintained, has snatched every right including right to live of Kashmiris, but intends to paint the picture that all is well in IIOJK but the fact is that all is against normal in the territory.

They urged the world to press India to allow UN observers, global rights bodies to visit IIOJK to assess the ground situation, and Kashmiris be allowed to decide their future themselves.

Peace and stability will remain a distant dream in South Asia without resolution of the Kashmir dispute, the analysts warned.—KMS


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