HEC should minimum cut over grant: VCs


Vice Chancellors of all public universities have demanded that incumbent government should put minimum cut over educational grant 2018-19 on Thursday. Vice Chancellor of Comsats university Raheel Qamar further said that Chairman Higher Education Commission had proposed workable ideas but that would help in long term to sustain the financial cut while it would not help us as we had less budget to pay salaries of three months to university’s staff.
“The government and HEC should cut minimum fund this year,” he requested. “University of Gilgit Baltistan is newly established institute in the most beautiful and backward region of the country, mostly locals belong to mediocre families, so it is not possible for the university to raise fee at once,” said Vice Chancellor of University of Baltistan. Professor Ishtiyaq from Sargodha university underlined that HEC had emphasised over increasing the quantity of universities across the country instead of improving the standard of the old institutions, adding launching PHD programs which had sole purpose to produce more PHDs, that ultimately financially burdened the HEC.—APP