Heavy rain shudders to halt life in City

Amraiz Khan

Heavy to moderate rain continued intermittently throughout Friday due to which most parts of the City gave pond like look.

More than, two feet of rainwater accumulated outside the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Upper Mall due to rain.

Due to excessive accumulation of rainwater, the citizens going abroad faced difficulties in verifying their documents.

Citizens said that due to poor sewerage system, water accumulates here whenever it rains. Due to the accumulation of rainwater, it is difficult for the residents to get out of their houses.

Locals said that Wasa was repeatedly requested to improve drainage arrangements but to no avail. The administration should take immediate notice and resolve the issue.

In other parts of the city, rainwater accumulated which caused problems for the citizens. The highest rainfall was recorded at Lakshmi Chowk in Lahore.

According to details, Lahore was submerged due to rain. The rain caused traffic jams in different areas and additional traffic wardens also failed to control the traffic.

There were also traffic jams from Karataba Chowk to Muslim Town Junction, Old Anarkali, Ganga Ram Chowk, Shah Alam Market and Abid Market, Shahdara Chowk, Azadi Chowk and Badami Bagh.

The highest rainfall in Lahore was recorded at Lakshmi Chowk. Lakshmi Chowk received 167 mm, Tajpura 134 mm, Farrukhabad 133 mm, Mughalpura 110 mm, Paniwala Talab 116 mm, Upper Mall 89 mm and Nishtar Town 124 mm.

Similarly, Chowk Nakhoda 126, Gulshan Ravi 63, Iqbal Town 50, Samanabad 54, Johar Town 50, Gulberg 34, Airport 51 and Jail Road 55 mm rain was recorded.

The meteorological department has forecast intermittent rain during the next 24 hours.
At the same time, heavy rains affected Lesco transmission system and more than 220 feeders were tripped.

According to the details, Lesco’s transmission system has severely been affected due to torrential rain in the city since Friday morning. Heavy rain in the city has made it difficult for line staff to carry out maintenance work.

On the other hand, the Punjab Chief Minister has ordered immediate drainage of rainwater from low-lying areas of the City. “Negligence in rainwater drainage will not be tolerated,” the Punjab Chief Minister warned and added that special arrangements should be made for traffic flow.


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