Heavy monsoon rains claimed 137 lives from July 1 to Aug 7: NDMA


Staff Reporter

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in its report has mentioned as many as 137 people dead and 112 injured in various heavy monsoon rains from July 1 to August 7.
The report said that deaths due to monsoon rains took place across the country including 14 males, 5 females and 7 children with a total of 26 deaths in Punjab.
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) maximum 42 deaths were reported in various roof collapse and landslide incidents due to monsoon rains. The deceased included 12 males, 8 females and 22 children, in Sindh the number of deaths were 23 with 10 males, 1 female and 12 children.
In Balochistan 10 deaths including 5 males, a female and 4 children, in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) 6 people were died with 4 males, one female and a child and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) bore the loss of 30 lives with 18 males and 12 females.
The injured were mostly left in Punjab with a total of 36 males only, KP 32 injured having 20 males, 7 females and 5 children, 12 wounded in Sindh 5 males, 3 females and 4 children, Balochistan had 10injured people with 4 males and 6 children, GB noticed 9 injured with 7 males and 2 children whereas in AJK 13 injured mainly 12 males and a female were reported.
The major property losses were witnessed in various regions of the country including 184 houses partially damaged and 116 houses were reported to be fully damaged, said the report.
The maximum loss of property in terms of houses and shops was noted in AJK where 1 road, 43 shops, 3 mosques, 39 partially and 55 fully destroyed houses were reported.
In GB 32 roads and communication tracks were reported damaged including 11 bridges, 8 shops, 25 partially and 40 fully destroyed houses whereas no infrastructure damages were reported.
In Sindh province only 33 houses were partially damaged, in KP one road between Chitral City and Golen Valley was damaged and blocked, 3 bridges were washed away, 2 shops, one mosque, 53 partially and 16 fully destroyed whereas 3 power houses were damaged in various flood like incidents, only 28 houses partially and 5 fully damaged were noted in the Punjab province.
Moreover, 400 households were affected in KP province along with one water supply to Chitral Town had been interrupted.
NDMA had released over 21 tons of food items and 1095 blankets, 770 tents, 296 plastic mats and 100 sleeping bags to the affected areas where the concerned areas district administration was busy in restoration work, it said.

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