Haqqani: ‘Silent’ international recognition of govt underway


Anas Haqqani, a senior member of the Islamic Emirate, said that a process of “silent” or tacit recognition of the Islamic Emirate by the international community is underway, and there have been positive improvements in the political sector.

“This is the result of the political efforts–that Kabul is full of embassies today, and in many countries we have opened our own embassies, which is a silent process of recognition,” he said.

Addressing tribal leaders and local officials in a public meeting in Khost province, Mr. Haqqani said differences should not harm the country’s national values and that security forces should abide by the amnesty decree of the Islamic Emirate leader.

“If any Taliban or government official puts pressure on you, this is not our policy, we can call it the personal coercion of that person. We can assure you that if anyone has a problem in their village or tribe, you can turn to the authorities,” said Anas Haqqani, a senior member of the Islamic Emirate.

In an informal meeting that was held between the tribes in Khost, the dowry of women in the province was also determined.

“In this meeting, the boy’s funds and the girl’s needs have been considered,” said Mohammad Nabi Omari, the governor of Khost.

“Gala (an amount of money provided by the family of the bride to the family of the groom) is forbidden in Sharia, it may be called a dowry, which is the right of a girl; we must apply the principles of Sharia in this regard,” said Anas Haqqani, a senior member of the Islamic Emirate.

While the Islamic Emirate officials speak of progress in recognizing the government, no country in the world has so far recognized the ruling government, despite Kabul’s insistence that it has met all the conditions for being officially recognized.

Meanwhile, Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, called on the Afghans who fled the country to return home.

“All the bad days we have been through were because of disunity and problems, such us 7 Sawar (when the Communist Party overthrew President Daud Khan) and 2001 (when the US invaded Afghanistan),” Stanikzai said.

This comes as a video on social media shows a member of the Islamic Emirate harshly mistreating a former member of the Afghan security forces. The video shows a Taliban fighter slapping and beating the former security force member. The former military official is reportedly a lieutenant colonel.

The gathering in Logar was attended by other top officials of the Islamic Emirate.

“All of the Mujahideen have remained committed to the order (general amnesty) of the supreme leader and will remain committed,” said Mohammad Qassim Khalid, governor of Kunar province.


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