Hamdard Foundation begins food distribution to thousands affected by floods


Hamdard Foundation Pakistan (HFP) today announced it has begun food distributions to thousands of people affected by monsoon floods in Sindh and other provinces, adding that it plans to expand assistance to the other parts of the country during the month of September.

Thousands of affected families in Karachi, Mathli, Thar District, Madinat al-Hikmah and its surroundings, Pasheen, Quetta, and its nearby villages and towns, and the Hyderabad district have received food ration bags, consisting of a large blanket, necessary medicinal kit, and dietary staples such as wheat flour, pulses, rice, vegetable oil, and a largetea pack, biscuits and specialized ready-to-use supplementary food, as well as powder milk for children. The ration bag is sufficient for a family of six for 15 days.

With road access limited due to the flood waters in some areas of Balochistan, thousands of flood-relief bags have been shipped via helicopter with the assistance of Senator Samina Mumtaz Zahrito reaches some of the worst-affected communities, especially in Lasbela.

Moreover, HFP has been actively arranging field medical camps in the affected areas, where locals have been receiving free medical checkups and medicines.

In collaboration with local government officials and journalists, HFP has carried out an initial rapid assessment in the affected areas to evaluate the needs of the affected communities. So far, along with food, they need medical supplies, stoves as well as a sewage system, because waterborne diseases such as Diarrhea, skin diseases, and eye infections are spreading rapidly in and around makeshift camps.

In a statement released by HFP, Ms Sadia Rashid President HFP said: “Following the footsteps of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, HFP has an affirmed belief in the welfare and well-being of the whole nation. These are difficult times for our country. Monsoon rains have wreaked havoc in the country. We must remain steadfast and come forward to help those in need. Hamdard Pakistan will continue to take more initiatives to help our fellow countrymen, as it was founded with the sole purpose to serve Pakistan.

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